TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                

2009  -     Adjunct instructor in film production, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts.  Duties include eight hours of class time per week, overseeing the making of 72 student films per semester, script evaluations and grading of personal critiques for each project.

2007 - 2009       Adjunct instructor in visual effects, California Institute of the Arts Program in Film and Video.  Duties included teaching beginning and advanced optical printing and digital image manipulation using Shake software.

1998 - 1999    Instructor, UCLA extension.  Classes included Survey of Visual Effects and History of Visual Effects.

Production and Writing Experience                                      _      

2011    Cinematographer, Museum of Art and Design NY, short documentary about miniature artist Alan     Wolfson.

    Cinematographer, “Heaven or Hell”, documentation of multi-artist performance by Feminist Art          Workers, as part of  “Doin’ It in Public”, at Otis Art Institute, sponsored by the Getty Center as     part of Pacific Standard Time.

2010    Director, cinematographer, editor, “Convergences” sculpture and media documentation at         the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA., featuring work by Nancy Buchanan, Lisa Mann,
    Steve Shoffner and others.    
2010     Director, cinematographer, editor,  “BlastPhemy #5”, documentation of a NewTown music and     media performance at the Silent Movie Theater, Hollywood.

2009    Cinematographer, editor, documentary of a performance by Christine Panushka and Alberto     Araiza at the REDCAT Theater at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Production and Writing Experience                                            (CONTINUED)

2009 -     Director, cinematographer editor, online documentaries for NewTown Pasadena Foundation           including:
Hallelujah/Aloha (2011) 10 min. A documentary about a surreptitious musical intervention on the Los Angeles Gold Line and at Union Station.  Composed and choreographed by Richard Amromin,

Cam, Cranks and Computers, (2010) 23 min. documentary of music and sound-driven installations and a concert featuring the work of five composers.

On the Trail Of... (2009), Site-specific installations and performances by fourteen artists spread across a mile square area of Hahamongna Water Shed. 

1987    Cinematographer, Two Unknown Photographers, directed by Kon Petrochuk,
        16mm feature documentary screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the Maryland
        Film Festival.

    Cinematographer, Temptation, 16mm, Tom Waits rock video, directed by Betzy Bromberg.    

1981    Screenwriter for John Lilly, Jr., feature screenplay based on the isolation and beauty of  the             Huichol Indians  juxtaposed with a world on the brink of nuclear war.

1980    Cinematographer, Russ Collins, 30 min. documentary about a twelve cylinder motorcycle and its             creator, and the races he won with his super bike. 

1978    Screenwriter, Columbia Studios Writer’s Workshop.  One of twenty-five emerging screenwriters             chosen in a national competition.  Winners attended a six month internship and were             commissioned to write an original screenplay which was later purchased     by the studio. 

Visual Effects Experience                               

2011    Visual effects supervisor, My Little Friend, music video by Nathan Shaffer.

2010 -    Compositing supervisor, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Walt Disney Pictures.

2007 - 2009    Senior digital effects artist on The Universe, for Flight 33 Productions, weekly television show for the History Channel. 

2007    Lead digital compositor, Sea Monsters, for National Geographic, a four minute  “time lapse” sequence depicting four million years of earth changes for 3D IMAX projection.
2001 - 2006    Senior visual effects compositor for Warner Brothers Visual Effects, on films including, The Lake House  (2007), Astronaut Farmer (2007), Four Brothers (2005),
    The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie (2004), Looney Tunes: Back in Action     (2003) and Scooby Doo  (2002).   
Visual Effects Experience                    (CONTINUED)

1996 -   2001     Lead digital staff compositor for Buena Vista Imaging, a division of the Walt Disney Company on films including Shanghai Noon (2000), Deuce Bigelow  (1999), Armageddon  (1998). Holy Man (1998), Con Air (1997) and James and the Giant Peach.

1995 -  1996     Senior compositor for Buena Vista Visual Effects, a division of the Walt Disney Co.
James and the Giant Peach (1996)
The Phantom (1996)
Escape From LA. (1996)

1994 –  1995     Compositor for Dreamquest Images on Crimson Tide and Toys.

1981 - 1993     Freelance optical effects camera operator and optical supervisor for films including:  

§    Ghost (1990) for Available Light, Ltd.
§    The Philadelphia Experiment  (1984), for Cinemotion
§    Altered States (1980) for Praxis Film Works
§    Wolfen (1981) for Praxis Film Works
§    Cosmos, PBS series with Carl Sagan  (1979-1980) for MPI.

1987 - 1989     Optical camera operator for Pat O’Neill’s feature film, Water and Power.

Filmography                                        _____________________

2010    Massage, 27 min. 1080p digital, color, sound.
        The human body becomes an unfamiliar landscape through graphic close up images of             women     being massaged.

2010    Leaky Mountain, 9 min.  1080p digital, color, sound.  
        A documentary about a burned and vandalized hilltop where human insult compounds             natural injury.

2009    57 Jobless,  26 min., 1080p digital, color, sound.
        5 abstract variations which explore the possibilities of digital image manipulation.  Just             resign yourself to watching paint dry and have a good time.

2009    The Bathtub Shot,  11min., 1080p digital, color, sound.
        A look inside a daydream which rationalizes the procrastination of the imperative to             create.
2007     True or False, 7 min. b&w, silent, large screen 720i video installation.
         Truisms superimposed over images which contradict the text.  On permanent view as part          of  “Projections on Lake”, Pasadena, CA.
1989    Just For Fun, 40 min.  16mm, color, sound.       
        Mockumentary about an alien who studies the unique human concept of “fun”.

Filmography                                  ____________(CONTINUED)

1986    The Art of Survival,     30 min, 16mm, sound.
        Documentary about “Target L.A.”, a year-long festival of anti-nuclear art featuring The             Chambers Brothers, Cheri Gaulke, and Rachel Rosenthal.                 

1982    Vital Interests, 15 min.  16mm, b&w,  sound.
         A dark interpretation of the state of the nation as broadcast through years of news clips. 

1977    The Lovers, 3 min.  16mm, color, sound
        A visual meditation on the card from the Tarot deck.

1977    Twelve, 10 min., 16mm, color, sound. 
                MFA thesis film.  Live action and abstract animation are combined on the optical printer             to redefine spaces within the film frame.
1976    Film Achers, 8 min., 16mm, color, sound. 
        An optical printer film about film anxiety, cut to the song, “I Won’t Grow Up”.

1974    Titles,     20 min., 16mm, color, sound. 
        An optical printer film depicting the evolution of visual evolution and perception.   
1974    Graduated, 3 min.  16mm. b&w, sound.
        A graduation photo is photocopied into oblivion.

1972    Nocturnal Omission, 10 min. 16mm, b&w, sound.
         A surreal journey through male adolescent angst. 

exhibitions and awards                              _______

2011        Leaky Mountain selected for international touring show, “Water, water everywhere”
.        Leaky Mountain selected for the Athens International Film Festival.
        57 Jobless, video installation at Marlborough School, Los Angeles.
        Recent Work”, USC Cinematheque 108 solo screening,
        2 temporary public media installations, S. Lake St., Pasadena., CA.

2010        57 Jobless screened at the Athens International Film Festival.
2009    Cams, Cranks, and Computers, LA Weekly.com,  online blog recommendation.

2007    True or False, selected for permanent installation at Projections On Lake, Pasadena, CA.
    Featured installation artist, Cactus Gallery, 2nd birthday show.
2006    Museum of Modern Art, NY.  Film Achers included in Cal Arts Alumni Show.
    LA Filmforum, group show.

2003     “If I Made the World”, 15’ x 15’ temporary site-specific installation, Pasadena, CA.

2001    “Walking Stories”.  5 temporary site-specific installations in Pasadena, CA.
exhibitions and awards                                     CONTINUED

1996     MacAdam Fest, group film show at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA. 

1990    LA Filmforum, one person show.

1989        Just For Fun screened at The Philadelphia Film Festival.
        Film in the Cities, St. Paul, MN., 2 person show.
1986        The Art of Survival screened on KCET, Los Angeles.

1985        LACE, one person show presented by LA Filmforum.
        Light Cone, group show curated by Yann Beauvais, Paris, France.

1983        Vital Interests, prize winner, selected for national tour, Ann Arbor Film Festival.
1982        Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP), El Paso, TX. Group show.

1981         Pasadena Film Forum, Pasadena, CA.  One person show.
        The Cinematheque, San Francisco, CA., group show.

1978        Twelve, Director’s Choice Award Winner at the Sinking Creek Film Festival.   

1976        Film Achers, screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival and purchased by the US
        Library of  Congress and The Canadian Filmmakers Archives.

Professional Memberships                                                           

1996  -         Founding member of the board of directors, New Town Pasadena Foundation and                president of the board since 2007.  Participated in curation and production of public art             projects including:

§    “Northwest Portraits”, (2006-2007) an artist/resident collaboration of  graphic billboards hung at the Armory Center for the Arts. 
§    “Propaganda”, (2005) a media screening of propaganda film and video that ranged from vintage Hollywood communist and drug scare treasures to contemporary student work.
§    “Art in Tents”, (2003) a half mile trail of site-specific installations and performance.
§    “New Windows at One Colorado” (2001), site-specific avant-garde art at an   upscale “shopping and dining destination.”

2001 -    Animation Guild, member.

1985 - 1995    Los Angeles Filmforum, member of the board of directors, including three terms as             president and two years as acting executive director.

1991 - 2000    Cinematographer’s Guild, active member.

1986 -    Canyon Cinema, active member.

1980 - 1991    Writer’s Guild of America, west, active member.
Articles and Publications                                  _____

2009        Cams, Cranks, and Computers excerpts featured in L.A. Weekly blog, “Off the Record”.

2006        Cited in The Most Typical Avant- garde:  History and Geography of Minor
        Cinemas in Los Angeles, by David James, U.C. Berkeley Press, 2006.  

1997, 2000    Illustrator, The Thirty Sacred Laws, by Claudia Barner, Ph.D.  Published by
        DTMMS.  Created thirty digitally manipulated photographs used as chapter headings.        
1995 – 2000    Staff Photographer for the Sweet Medicine Tribe annual SunDance ceremony.  Photo-            documented the yearly event in eastern Arizon and produced 30-50 page album.

1986  - 1987    editor, Los Angeles Independent Filmmakers Guide, published by LA Filmforum.
1983              quoted in “Wolfen”, by Stephen Rebello, Cinefantastique, Vol. 11 No.3.


MFA    1977    Film       School of Film and Video, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA.
Recipient of the Ray Stark Scholarship in film, 1976
BFA    1974     Art         School of Art/Honors College, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.   
Dual graduation, School of Art and The Honors College
Departmental Honors in film
Honors College Scholarship, 1973-1974

TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY                                                                             
Mac, P.C., Linux and Unix operating systems
Final Cut Pro
Pro Tools
DVD Studio Pro
After Effects
16mm, video and digital production cameras, sound recorders and editing equipment
Production lighting skills
Optical printers
Oxberry animation stand
black and white film developing techniques
moviolas and flatbed editing systems

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