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Visual effects supervisor, My Little Friend  music video, Tune Syndicate. Supervised creation of fifteen cosmetic enhancements and sixteen effects shots for music video by Natthan Shaffer.

Compositing supervisor, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Walt Disney Pictures.  Supervised small local crew on visual effects as well as coordinating delivery from crews in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Compositor for history channel production of "The Day the Dinos Died",  Integrated 3D dinosaurs with atmospheric effects, color timing, green and blue screen and tracking using After Effects.

Senior compositor on The Universe, documentary television series on the History Channel, for Flight 33 Productions.  Created 2D effects and motion graphics, and composited 3D elements ranging from alien planet habitats to galactic explosions using After Effects.

Digital compositing supervisor for Floq Films on Sea Monsters, an animated CG IMAX 3D (stereoscopic) film produced by National Geographic.  Responsible for look, execution, and integration of dozens of stereoscopic cg elements, combined with live action stereoscopic plates to create a 40 million year time-lapse sequence showing the evolution of the geography of the earth.  Used Shake on Linux.

Digital compositor for Prologue films, Spiderman main title sequence.  Responsible for compositing CG with live action, color timing, tracking, retiming, using shake on Macintosh. 

Digital compositor for Warner Brothers Feature Animation on Astronaut Farmer. Composited green screen actors, CG rockets with smoke, debris, contrails, and environmental effects with live action footage and pyrotechnics.   Duties included tracking, adding camera moves and shake, rotoscoping, and complex matting, using Shake on Linux. 

Digital compositor for Warner Brothers Feature Animation on The Lake House, and Four Brothers.  Created winter look for footage shot in spring using 2d effects, warping, and adding CG snow. 

Digital compositor on The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie for Warner Brothers Feature Animation. Live action backgrounds composited with blue screen actors, tracked 2D animation, and CG props and effects.  

Senior digital compositor on Hellboy and The Punisher, for Fantasy II Film Effects. Composited miniature explosions, sets, and models with live action actors in location backgrounds.

Digital compositor for Warner Brothers Feature Animation on Looney Tunes:  Back in Action.  Responsibilities included compositing live action backgrounds with blue and green screen actors, tracking and color-correcting 2D character animation, 3D effects, and props. 

Digital compositor for Warner Brothers Feature Animation on Scooby Doo. Responsibilities included compositing live action backgrounds with blue and green screen actors, then  adding and color-correcting 3D character animation and effects.

Lead digital artist for Buena Vista Imaging, a division of the Walt Disney Company. Created visual effects for live action motion pictures including Con Air, Armageddon, Holy Man, The Sixth Man, The Runaway Bride, Deuce Bigelow, My Favorite Martian, and Shanghai Noon.  Duties included blue and green screen compositing, tracking, stabilizing and match-moving, split screens, rig and wire removal, 2D effects animation, morphing, unplanned “fix its”, basic Unix shell scripting, color timing, and rotoscoping using Avid Illusion, Nothing Real Shake, and Elastic Reality.

Senior compositor for Buena Vista Visual Effects, a division of the Walt Disney Company.  Created digital visual effects for motion pictures including James and the Giant Peach, The Phantom, and Escape From L.A. using Disney’s proprietary CAPS software, Elastic Reality, and Matador.   Duties included extensive blue and green screen matte composites, tracking, match moves, compositing and lighting of 3D graphics, rig and wire removal, and some rotoscoping.

Compositor for Dreamquest Images on Crimson Tide and Toys.  Visual Effects supervisor Hoyt Yeatman.  Duties included blue screen matte composites, compositing of 3D graphics and effects, tracking, rig removal, and split screen composites, using Composer and Matador.  
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