“Projections on Lake” is a permanent public outdoor group video installation.  It operates nightly year-round from dusk to 11:00 PM on a wall at 425 S. Lake Ave. in Pasadena, CA.  Funded by Granite Park and curated by David Bradshaw as part of the city’s Percent of Art program, this 15 x 20 foot projection uses the busy Shops on Lake project, already home to Vito Acconci’s “Mobious Bench”, as a canvas.

“True or False”, (2007) by Beth Block is a series of twenty-four still black and white images transferred to video.  The images fade in and out over a four and a half minute cycle.  Each image explores a visual representation of a concept that many people believe to be sacred.  That concept is included as text superimposed on the image.  Viewers are asked to reflect on the image, consider the concept, and decide whether or not that concept “grows corn” for them.